About Us

After years of strolling up & down wine aisles trying to look fancy & choosing wines based on which one had the cutest bottle, was in our price range & *hoping* it didn't taste like ass, and always being semi disappointed, we decided to do something about it. 


We've all been 18 and if you're in Australia that means Passion Pop & goon bags. Don't choke on your $5 turmeric latte - we know you. And we know you went through this coming of age tradition. Then you get older & suddenly ordering a vodka cranberry at Sunday lunch doesn't quite seem right... the adults (real adults, like your parents) keep suggesting sophisticated varietals (also wtf is a varietal) of vino til you cave & settle on a bearable but still semi friendly moscato. 


You drink moscato for the next few years before you realise... holy shit this stuff is sweet. It doesn't feel right to buy Passion Pop anymore cause... #adulting but also you have no f*cking clue what anything else is and all those labels look so damn scary & serious. Also... bills. So... it better be cheap. 


Enter Wine Not the Brand.


Established because literally... wine not... 


Katharina Cser was over picking semi decent wine with boring or cheap looking labels. She wanted something that just... got her. WHY THE F*CK ARE THERE NO CUTE LABELS?! would run through her head every day she went to grab that week-end prep bottle. It almost felt wrong to be buying wine on a Tuesday, or when she knew it was just for her to sip on while preparing stats & reports for her business in a tshirt and no pants. She decided to build a brand that was for us. One that spoke to us millennials. Someone that understood us, encouraged us, cheered for us, helped us think positive but most of all... didn't make us feel bad. 


We spent the next 3 years running polls, doing research, testing wine (hard gig), scraping together funds to pay for grapes, bottles, labels, boxes (we partnered with the beautiful folk at Wangarang who employ people with disabilities for all our labels & boxes so know every bottle was lovingly wrapped for you), trademarks, attorneys, warehousing, transport (the list goes on for about ever...) and being totally f*cked over by the industry (seriously you do not want to approach a seasoned wine professional & ask them which is the most drinkable wine then refuse to spit after tasting). Every time we wanted to throw it in the f*ck-it-bucket it was YOU guys that kept us going, telling us this was too good of a brand to give up.


So here we are - Wine Not the Brand. In all our messy glory. Doing our f*cking best to bring you the best damn wine you've ever had that will make you feel GOOD. Because you are awesome. And we believe in you. In us. In our ability to have it all. To find the fun in life, work smarter, take care of our world, each other and most importantly - ourselves. It's all about balance.


Wine Not the Brand is a feel good brand. It's also vegan friendly wine.

It is about bringing to light the conversations, feelings, habits and challenges we have and openly sharing & discussing them with each other... over a bottle of wine. We hope that the mini blogs on the back of our labels will inspire you to cheer for yourself, reach out to that friend, believe change is coming or just let your hair down & have fun. 

With suicide on the rise, self esteem at an all time low, and such a negative stigma around drinking we felt it was time for a positive light in all the darkness. 


We hope that next time you feel down, our labels will give you a positive perspective on life & change your vibe so that your glass of wine becomes something that drives you to be better, do better & feel better, and not give up, instead of something you reach for when you've lost hope. 


If you have label ideas you can email us at hello@winenothebrand.com with the subject title LABEL IDEA.