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Meet Wine Not The Brand Founder - Katharina Cser

The idea for Wine Not The Brand was built on paper serviettes, nights out and an absolute naive assumption that this would be easy! So, who is the lady behind the wine (and those lovely labels!)? - Meet Katharina Cser, aka Kata.

Kata Cser - founder of Wine Not the Brand

Kata is a Gen Y Taurus, Hungarian, and the youngest of two siblings, who went to an all girls school in Canberra, has always tended to work three jobs at any one time, and wanted to be a business psychologist when she grew up. Or a professional hip hop dancer.

She entered the business world at the age of 21 after her father was diagnosed with cancer and she decided she needed a second income (outside of the HR public service job she had at the time) to be able to take care of him.

She joined a network marketing business where she learned the basics of networking, business systems, client care, and the importance of branding, authenticity & human connection. Known for preferring bars to boardrooms when conducting business, Kata built a reputation within her industry as a millennial to follow & one who never held back when she had something to say.

A self-professed authenticity advocate and anti-bullying ambassador, for over 10 years Kata has coached women in human connection, business, communication, finding their "thing", and learning how to build a second income through online consumable sales. From 2015-2018, she openly shared her skills through her network marketing consulting company known for bringing women's inner bad-ass to the surface and learning how to grow within network marketing without being weird and salesy. 

Unusually, Kata has absolutely no background in wine, except for drinking it. She doesn't come from a wine-making family, nor is she funded, mentored or guided by a history in wine. She doesn't own a vineyard and is quite literally - us. Just a girl who got over not having her needs met and decided to do something about it.

Admitting to learning on the job, Kata has been able to put this company together piece by piece through endless research, and often asking for help, suggestions & advice from her personal Instagram & Facebook following. This brand truly is a passion project - and has been moved forward day by day by a volunteer army of friends, supporters and incredible men and women all over the world that want to see Wine Not the Brand ® succeed. 

Kata's mission is to see Wine Not the Brand become the brand we all look to when we want to encourage fun, positivity, love, light & balance. A brand we can all relate to, trust, and want to share with the people we love most. Combining psychology with wine - Wine Not The Brand is a fun label to giggle with and feel deeply understood by at the same time.