Me Myself & Wine
Me Myself & Wine
Me Myself & Wine
Me Myself & Wine
Me Myself & Wine
Me Myself & Wine
Me Myself & Wine
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Me Myself & Wine

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Tempranillo - Case of 6 [just $25 per bottle!]

*Kata's fave

Being independent & solo is amazing. 
You can walk around the house naked, belt out your face songs in the shower without judgement & if you wanna drink wine straight out of the bottle - we 100% support you.

Wine doesn't judge. 
You & wine on the couch. 
You & wine at the bar.
You & wine in a takeaway coffee cup window shopping & living your best life.

There's no shame in being on your own. 
Some of your greatest memories will come from "you time". And we respect that.

So go ahead, pour #memyselfandwine a glass. Unapologetically. To the brim. And no, Mr Bartender, we don't have a friend coming, it's just us and we're proud of it!

Bottoms up babe.
The product stuff:
Literally the best red ever (if we don't say so ourselves!) 
It's a vegan friendly Tempranillo and is smooth, easy to drink, light, but not watery, soft and oh so delicious.

2018 Tempranillo

13.8% alcohol 

8.2 standard drinks

100% tempranillo grapes from Wagga