Rosé Coloured Glasses
Rosé Coloured Glasses
Rosé Coloured Glasses
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Rosé Coloured Glasses

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Rosé - Case of 6 [just $25 per bottle!]

Optimism comes a lot easier when peeping through #rosécolouredglasses. Through the inevitable shitstorms of life, the one thing you always have is YOU. Your mind. Your strength. Your courage. And your freedom. 

We feel the most beneficial life choice when life seems a little less... rosy... is to slide on your happy glasses & enjoy each moment anyway.

After all... if you can't control it, why worry?
And if you can control it, why worry?

Life's a great adventure and the best times always come after the unexpected plot twists. 
Your perception is everything. 
And no matter how bad things get, there's always rose. 
We gotchu.


The product stuff:
Vegan friendly rosé!

Not too sweet, super easy to drink, mellow, light and f*cking DELICIOUS!

*special mention to our good friend Georgia from The Women's Collective for naming this one.

TIP: Serve SUPER cold & let it breathe for a few mins for the best, softest, loveliest flavour

2017 Rosé 

13.3% alcohol 

7.9 standard drinks

48% merlot, 21% cabernet franc from Canberra District, 21% tempranillo from Wagga