3 Pack Sampler Wine Not the Brand
3 Pack Sampler Wine Not the Brand
3 Pack Sampler Wine Not the Brand
3 Pack Sampler Wine Not the Brand
3 Pack Sampler Wine Not the Brand
3 Pack Sampler Wine Not the Brand
3 Pack Sampler Wine Not the Brand
Wine Not the Brand

3 Pack 250ml Wine Pouch Sampler

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Treat your taste buds (and indecisiveness) to the experience of the 3 Pack Wine Pouch Sampler! One red, white, and rosé from our current collection - a perfect start for wine connoisseurs and amateurs alike. Enjoy the smooth flavour & fun of wine pouches in each varietal & decide which you like best... wine not?!

Perfect for:

  • indecisive gals
  • that event where you have 3 friends who drink different varietals
  • your fridge so you don't need to buy a whole bottle of each 
  • new-to-wine people who aren't sure exactly what you like yet...
  • someone on a budget - 6 pack, not yet... 3 pack, yaaaaassss!

Current varietals: 

  • Victorian vegan pinot gris
  • Victorian vegan pinot noir
  • Victorian vegan semi dry rosé

Customer Reviews

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Steff Csorba
Perfect for camping!

I tried WineNot wine pouches for the first time to take them away camping. I must say I am impressed! They store easily in the Esky or fridge without taking up much space at all, I don't have to worry about taking a cup/glass with me, I don't have to worry about opening a bottle of wine and not drinking it all before it goes flat or trying to store it open if it has a cork in it rather than a lid. And most of all they don't break or rattle around like glass wine bottles. It's also great peace of mind knowing each pouch is portion controlled unlike free pouring from a bottle.

Incredible gift - fast delivery & also great quality!

As an expat living in Japan. I needed an incredible gift, fast delivery and also good quality. Wine Not The Brand ticked all of those boxes. My sister called me said how fabulous it looked and was excited to try, then called me once she tried and she RAVED about the quality of the wines and the taste. Who exact words were ‘I’m not a wine drinker, but these 100% have converted me and I ill be my go to’
Wine Not is something I highly recommend as a beautiful boutique wine/gift.

Gabriela Rivera
Lovely package, lovely wine

I ordered the 3 pack wine pouch sampler because I wanted to taste every wine inside of this innovative packaging. It’s been the very first time I tried wine in a pouch and I think the quality is really good, but also the size (enough for one person) and practicality (no glasses needed) of it is something I just love, cheers to the brand and the winemakers!

Billi Do
Delicious & super convenient!

Love these pouches, perfect for any occasion. The wines are all delicious and the pouches are lightweight, plus you can just chuck them in your bag and go! So good 👍