• Do you have a store/pickup location?
Yes! We have just moved in to our first ever office space and we cannot wait to welcome you there! We are located at Shop 4205, 2 Sunset Avenue, Paradise Point on the Gold Coast.The office isn't manned 24/7 so please email us to make an appointment to pick up your wine, or to pop in and say hi! 
  • Can I send your wine to a friend as a gift?
Yes, you certainly can! How kind of you! To add complimentary gift wrapping & a card to your order, please click here. 
  • Can I change my order?
Please ensure you contact us within 12 hours of placing your order to make any changes to your order. Please reach out to us here, we will be more than happy to assist you. 


Please be mindful of the address you use for delivery - choose somewhere safe, and out of the heat & sun as wine spoils in heat over 26 degrees & we would hate for you to receive spoiled wine! Please also note that having aggressive dogs, or nowhere to safely leave a package can result in the package being marked as "undeliverable" and being returned to us, causing you a delay & us double the charge (please don't do that to us!).

  • How much does shipping cost?

We are proud (and probably crazy) to offer you FREE shipping on all orders* no matter what you purchase. We value your loyalty & eagerness to support a startup company like ours & do our absolute best to offer you the best service, products, and prices that we can. 

Note: wholesale orders are calculated separately, and Northern Territory orders are charged at $10 flat rate.


  • How long does delivery take?

Our standard delivery time varies depending on the delivery area (metro/regional/state). Most orders are dispatched 24-28 hours after they're received online & arrive 4-7 days after placing your order, with local (Gold Coast/Brisbane) orders arriving in approximately 3-5 business days. 

Gold Coast/Brisbane optional same day pickup available at our Paradise Point office - by appointment (email us to organise).

  • Which courier do you use? 
We ship using Australia Post. 
  • How do I track my order?
You will receive a notification once we pack your order & pass it on to Aus Post. You will receive another when the postie processes it & picks it up, and another when it has been delivered to your selected address. You will be able to track the entire process from the order number emailed to you once your order is processed.
  • Do you ship overseas? 
At this stage we don’t due to liquor licensing rules, sorry! 


  • My wine was damaged in transit
Oh no, we are so sorry to hear that! 
Please reach out to our team here who will be more than happy to help you with a replacement.
  • I have an issue with my order
Oh no, we are so sorry to hear that! 
Please reach out to us here, we will help you get it sorted ASAP!
  • Can I return my order? 
Wine is a fickle industry. We know you may ADORE our taste, or it may not be for you. Unfortunately we can't refund you on "it's not my style" (gift it to someone else girl!) but if something's gone horribly wrong, of course, you'll get your money back! 
Please reach out to us here, we will help you get it sorted ASAP!


  • Do I have to keep my wine refrigerated?
We store your wine pouches in refrigerators prior to sending them to you, and recommend you do the same. We recommend popping your Rose and Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge prior to opening (so it is nice and cold!), and ensuring your red is kept under 10 degrees. Keep your pouches in the fridge once opened, and consume within 2 days.
The best by date will be stamped on the back of your wine pouches for your reference. This is best by without opening. Once you crack your pouch lid, you have approximately 2 days before it may begin to ferment. 
  • Why choose wine pouches over wine bottles?

There are several reasons why our customers choose our 250ml wine pouches rather than a full-sized bottle.

1) Convenience is key! Pouches are smaller and more portable than bottles, making them easier to take on the go or store in a fridge. Pouches may also be more convenient for people who don't want to open a full bottle of wine but still want to enjoy a glass or two.

2) Cost. Wine pouches may be less expensive than bottles, especially if they are purchased in cases, with far less wine waste & spoilage.

3) Multiple flavours. Pouches are a great option for people who are trying out a new type of wine and don't want to commit to a full bottle, or are heading to an event where there are multiple people who each drink a different varietal.

4) Portion control. It's easy to see exactly how much you've had when you count your wine pouches. When you free pour from a wine bottle there's a higher risk of losing count of the exact alcohol content you've consumed whereas wine pouches are clearly labelled.

5) Resealable. There's nothing worse than worrying about someone slipping something in your drink at an event, or spilling your beverage on a boat or at a picnic. Being able to reseal the lid is so incredibly valuable.

6) Finally, pouches are more environmentally friendly than bottles, as they produce less waste & are up to 94% lighter than bottles which translates to efficiencies in production, transport & carbon emissions. This can be especially appealing to people who are concerned about reducing their environmental impact.


  • Any other questions?
Please reach out to us here, we will be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry. 
  • Is there wholesale pricing?
Yes! We are working hard to build the best wholesale and retail relationships and are open to conversations and collaborations. For all wholesale enquiries, please reach out to us herewe will be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry.